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Real estate industry and the Covid-19 crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is a human tragedy that is unprecedented in modern times. While protecting health and security is paramount, it is also essential to keep vitally important economic sectors functioning during the crisis, making it easier to restart the economy as people are able to return to work. The commercial real estate sector in Europe is a major contributor to these efforts. As a partner to municipalities, local and national governments all across the continent, we have done our utmost to support our communities, tenants, public authorities and health services during the Covid-19 crisis and we stand ready to live up to our significant social and economic responsibility as society re-opens.

Joint statement

European Elections 2019 Manifesto - Building Blocks for a Prosperous Future

To unlock capital, face new global challenges such as climate change and immigration, and build the cities  of tomorrow, the European Union needs to encourage more stable and cross-border investments aligned with its long-term objectives. EPRA believes that the listed real estate sector is part of the solution to empower the EU to deliver on its ambitions internally and elevate its leadership externally and proposes a set of recommendations for the policymakers in order to address these challenges.

EPRA EU Manifesto (short version)

EPRA EU Manifesto (long version)

Real estate in the real economy - 2018

EPRA and INREV have collaborated on a report and infographic that shows the impact of real estate in the real economy, including job footprint, investments and sustainability practices. 

Full Report 2018

Infographic 2018

Building a Stronger Europe

Stock exchange listed property companies play a unique role in delivering, enhancing and operating the built environment says a new EPRA report targeted at policymakers. It highlights the unique contributions listed property companies make to the health, vibrancy, efficiency and accessibility of the European property market and the opportunity that growth in this sector can play in building a stronger Europe. The sectors’ main benefits and characteristics, ranging from regulation and accountability to transparency, sustainability, liquidity and investment performance are laid out in easy to use chapters.


Listed real estate - a large contributor to the EU economy

EPRA has mandated PwC to estimate for the first time the total jobs footprint of the listed real estate sector for the EU28. It includes direct, indirect and induced jobs as well as jobs hosted by retail surfaces and demonstrates that listed real estate is a key sector for the European economy providing and securing a significant amount of jobs and investments. 


Real estate in the real economy -2016

Policy makers and legislators need to have a greater understanding of the role real estate plays in the functioning of our modern society and economy. This is the only way they can sufficiently measure the impact of the proposed rules on the sector and on the Europe’s real economy.

Full report 2016

Infographic 2016

Real estate sector’s contribution to society, growth and sustainability in the EU

This factsheet has been developed by 30 associations representing stakeholders operating in the real estate and built environment sector. Collectively we firmly believe that it is time to give the real estate sector coordinated attention as a matter of priority at European level and promote a holistic approach to decision-making which includes the various sectors in the real estate and built environment life cycle.


Guiding principles for future EU-UK relations: the real estate investment perspective

A broad range of organisations and businesses active in the European real estate market have an interest in minimising the disruption of the UK decision. Real estate investment makes a significant enabling contribution to economic activity, growth and job creation and helps create vital, liveable towns and cities. We urge policymakers to respect the following principles as they pursue the negotiations for the UK’s departure from the EU.

Guiding principles

Brexit “pre-negotiations” – the inevitability of political grandstanding

With restrictions on Britain’s ability to trade with the rest of the EU, 35,000 financial services jobs could be at risk, along with as much as GBP 5 billion in tax revenue.

Heightening awareness of real estate’s economic contribution

It is time that Europe’s real estate industry got more strident about its contribution to the real economy, so that it is more effective in shaping laws and regulations.

A new start for the real estate/built environment                                                         

The industry letter to the European Commission raising awareness on the critical role of our sector for the EU’s economy and its citizens.


Stock Exchange listed property companies - building a stronger Europe

This report examines the unique role of listed property as a platform for the European economy, providing the space and infrastructure needed for the EU’s businesses, families, hospitals, schools and leisure activities.

Full report