Diversity Programme

Diversity at Board level can directly enhance your company's performance. This is no myth, but a solid fundamental whith which you can grow your business. The numbers speak for themselves, as the McKinsey Report demonstrates. We believe that the listed real estate sector - as has been the case in so many other areas of collective innovation - should take a lead in providing a gender boost.

We are developing an industry-wide initiative effort to all sponsors and mentors to share their experience and support with women in the industry who have high aspirations. We would like to hear from you if you wish to be involved at any level. The roles and aims of the sponsor and mentor are being devised, and we hope to see a transformation of board make-up over the coming years. This initiative may take five to ten years to bear results, but at every level it's worth it.




Senior management from any EPRA member company who is willing to support the broad aims of a programme participant and is willing to dedicate some time to offer career guidance, advice and assistance from a real-world point of view.




Someone inside the company who confirms that the applicant being put forward is a suitable candidate, typically the applicant’s direct line manager.


Target Recipient:

Female executive within the participant company who is committed to promote her ideas and steer her initiatives.

EPRA conducted research into the European real estate sector which clearly demonstrated a need for greater diversity in the sector, especially in some regions of Europe.

Companies can sponsor women in their organisation to take part in the initiative and receive mentoring from senior management in the sector over a two-year period, to assist them in reaching the next level in their careers.

You can find more information by downloading our brochure or contacting us on the below email.

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